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The primary focus of Exposé is music that the mainstream ignores; music whose roots seem to have originated somewhere just outside the pop/rock mainstream, progressing onwards toward the boundaries of rock, where it meets jazz, classical, folk, avant-garde, electronic and experimental, going well beyond the standard forms into areas of stark and stunning originality. (you go, Peter!)
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Gnosis is a web site containing ratings and reviews of a large number of progressive and experimental musical recordings and a newsletter as well. (Very detailed, be prepared to spend some time here. And say 'Hi" to the Jestersaurus for me...)
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The Gibraltar Encyclopedia of Progressive Rock (GEPR) is designed as a reference for you to discover bands that are unfamiliar to you and to broaden your listening horizons. It is assumed you are already familiar with the "mainstream" progressive bands and are looking for new territory to explore. (This is big. Really big...sorry Mr. Shatner)
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BayProg is a web site listing resources for San Francisco Bay Area progressive rock musicians and fans. (Get on their mailing list for news and updates on what's happening in Bay Area prog.)
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The Progressive Rock Radio Network is the place to hear the best of both New and Old Progressive Rock on the web, a place to find music you might not normally hear on FM stations or at music store listening booths. PRRN provides several music broadcasts offering an example of the variety found within Progressive music. (Their 'Remote Window' is a very cool way to peruse many online broadcasts from one location. Go check it out!)