Expose Concerts

Who are these people
and why are they doing this?

Exposé Concerts is an all-volunteer group dedicated to bringing experimental, avante-garde, and otherwise subversive music to the stage. Beginning in 1996, this circle of like-minded music fans pooled their talents to promote shows featuring bands from the Bay Area to Japan, Europe and beyond.

Over the course of the next three years, the Exposé Concert Series played host to the likes of Present, Djam Karet, Deus Ex Machina, Spock’s Beard, and a long list of other progressive acts from the U.S. and abroad. After nearly thirty shows, they needed a break.

Now, after a long hiatus, Exposé Concerts is back. We have a few new faces in the mix, but the focus remains on providing a performance outlet for artists who don't fit easily into traditional pop genres. If you're looking for an alternative to mainstream commercial fare, original music that explores the boundaries of rock, check out the rest of this website… and come to our shows!

For further information, please email us at

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