HyNGE Bio - as excerpted from Doug Michael's website... Thanks!

HyNGE have been inspired by the likes of David Torn, Bill Buford, Mick Karn, Jean Luc Ponty, King Crimson, Gentle Giant, David Sylvian, Frank Zappa, Eddie Jobson, Terry Bozzio, Steve Reich, Igor Stravinsky, & UK.

HyNGE is:
- Rob Rosen: Fretless 5 String Bass, Keyboards, Percussion
- Dan Buch: Acoustic & Electric Drums, Percussion
- Doug Michael: Electric Guitar & Loops

The HyNGE sound runs the gamut from ambient to chaotic, but the main bond is each member's interest in progressive, jazz/rock music. Many of the compositions have elements of improvisation and the group has an affinity for odd meter. Hinge has been compared to Polytown, Pink Floyd, King Crimson, Frank Zappa, Dead Can Dance.

Review of 'Mistakes and All' in Exposé #14 - February 1998
Review by Staff Writer Jeff Melton

HiNGE - "Mistakes and All"
HiNGE is a g/b/d instrumental trio from Fremont, California. The band submitted two sets of demos (one which was also submitted for sale at their first gig at Club Kaos). This one is six songs of finesse guitar and effects laced with excellent time keeping and bass accentuation. The band is led by Doug Michael, a tasteful guitarist who plays in a prog metal style, meshed with jazz overtones without the overbearing shred of some of his contemporaries. Although the songs aren't quite as distinctive as Lens (also reviewed in this issue), the band makes up for it with inspired musicianship. The syncopated track Detour relies heavily on Holdsworth leads atop a careful crafted bass and drum interplay.