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CAST with
Pollyanna Bush
@ The Club Kaos
in Fremont, CA
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Concert Reviews and Commentary

The sixth in the series at Club Kaos in Fremont featured the double bill of Marin vocalist, keyboardist and songwriter Pollyanna Bush and the Mexican symphonic rock band Cast.

There was a distinct contrast in style this time out: Pollyanna Bush being more of a singer/songwriter with a crackshot backing band compared to the traditional progressive tendencies of Cast. The differing styles worked will together: Pollyanna's vocals could be easily compared to several modern female artists from Tori Amos to Sarah McLachlan, with elements of Kate Bush and Joni Mitchell.

She easily portrayed an intimate sense of strong emotional content with a naive innocence in her ninety minute set which spanned twelve songs including one haunting solo vocal piece. Her backing band featured members of Cairo and Episode.

Cast, who had made the trek north from Mexicali especially for this show, hit the stage about 11pm and waded through the bulk of their entire CD catalogue including several from their latest Beyond Reality. Some of the more outstanding tracks were the band's opener, "The Rescue", as well as "Spirit of Man", "In The Light Of Darkness", and "I Am Waiting." The group was well rehearsed despite having to play on borrowed equipment for the gig! Alfonso Vidales gave a formidable piano solo during the latter half of the set. Front man Dino Brassea provided good flute accompaniment for several of the songs, but it was Francisco Hernandez who hit the chords of most of the Hackett/Genesis fans with his soaring leads. And attendance is improving, too! End of text

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