ECSP #27

DISCUS from Indonesia
with Gravity Tree
@ The Music Annex
in Menlo Park, CA

Discus Line Up:
Iwan Hasan : Guitar, 21-String Harpguitar,
  Balinese Rindik, Electronic Percussion & Lead Vocals
Anto Praboe : Flute, Soprano, Alto & Tenor Saxophones,
  Clarinet & Bass Clarinet
Eko Partitur : Violin & Electronics
Fadhil Indra : Keyboards, Background Vocals
Hayunaji : Drums & Electronic Percussions
Kiki Caloh : 5-string & fretless Bass
Krisna Prameswara : Keyboards
Nonnie : Lead Vocals

ECSP #27 Poster

Band Links:
Gravity Tree
The Music Annex/Annex Digital
Discus montage

Set List:
Gravity Tree
- In
- Funk Tune
- Tender Shoot
- Minnie's Tree
- Rain
- Everything
- Where You Are
- People Don't Know
- Forget You
- Newspaper
- Blues Tune
- Motion Sickness
- B4
Gravity Tree
Gravity Tree–
two people, big sound!
Linc of Gravity Tree
  Linc of Gravity Tree
Alan Nu of Gravity Tree
Gravity Tree photos
courtesy of the band
Alan Nu of Gravity Tree

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