ECSP #21
Press Release - Announcement


APRIL 1, 1999

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Following widespread critical acclaim for the band's debut CD, Ten Seconds (Discipline Global Mobile - 9603) guitarist/vocalist/band leader Bill Forth has assembled a new four-piece group that is again defying expectations. Gone are the computers and sequencers that dominated the first release. According to Forth, "This is a live band that plays. While our first CD was essentially a studio project, the new lineup is a performing unit. I feel it's far more accessible. Performance is the real side of this, where the music begins to come to life. We recognized that we had genuine synergy together, and got excited about taking it out... and we're having a blast playing together!"

The new configuration features Forth on guitar and vocals, plus three new band members, including Jeff Borgeson on guitar. Originally from Austin, Minnesota, Borgeson appeared on Ten Seconds' debut CD in the role of engineer and as associate producer on several of the CDs hardest-hitting tracks. "The Ten Seconds CD never would have pulled together without Jeff's help," says Forth. "Two years down the road, we share a common link to the first CD that we can bring into the new lineup, plus fresh ideas and energy we can develop for a new recording. Jeff brings a wealth of production experience to the band, having worked as an engineer for a widely diverse group of artists, ranging from Toto to Ten Seconds."

Drummer Edward Donato hails from North Hollywood, California and shares a long working association with Forth. The two having played together in at least three obscure bands. "All of the early work Ed and I did together - the gigs in bars, fights, failures and life-course events we went through as friends and musicians - set the stage for what we are doing now. We have the kind of immediate communication you can only gain from years of playing together." In addition to playing with Ten Seconds, Edward Donato is a touring member of the band Human Drama.

Jack Walsh, originally from Highland Park, Illinois, plays bass guitar. He has worked on several projects with Borgeson as well as Donato, who suggested him for Ten Seconds' latest incarnation. Says Forth, "Jack and Eddy make a strong rhythm section that just locks. Jack's bass playing is economical and solid, and he gives Jeff and me freedom to stretch out. It's a bit like skidding on black ice sometimes, but Jack is there holding it together with Eddy."

Ten Seconds appears Live at the Boathouse in San Francisco on April 17.1999

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