ECSP #20
Press Release

Mushroom Info!
Mushroom are probably best known in the Bay Area for last year's performance as both the opening act and backing band for a show with Soft Machine founder Kevin Ayers. More recently the band has performed and recorded with Gong founder Daevid Allen. Mushroom have certainly gotten the stamp of approval from some progressive legends !

Mushroom have released a number of CDs in Europe. Their first efforts drew comparisons to Lark's Tongue In Aspic-era King Crimson, Can, Faust, Caravan, Soft Machine, and others. The band's material is all instrumental.

March brought the release of a new CD here in America called Hydrogen Jukebox.
Jukebox makes extensive use of Mellotron keyboards with plenty of long dreamy pieces and soundscapes. Also included are some uptempo songs and intensely dense music recalling both Can and the Eno-produced Talking Heads albums.

For the upcoming show on March 27th, the ever changing Mushroom promise new sounds and structures. They have added a percussionist and an occasional trumpet player - you can expect the kind of music previously described along with some moments of early 1970s Miles Davis fusion.

Fans of Mahavishnu, 70s King Crimson, and early 70s Miles will not be disappointed!