Expose Concert Series Promotions


and Wayback Machine
@ The Club Kaos
in Fremont, CA

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The second event in the Exposure Concert Series happened Friday, December 13 again at the Club Kaos in Fremont, CA. From an organizational standpoint, this show went much better than the first event. Things started more or less on time, and set changes went quickly. Also, the soundman seemed to have the experience of the first event under his belt - all three bands seemed to be fairly well scoped in before they started. Attendance was around 90-100, a little shy of goals; especially given the amount of radio promotion the event was given, but still respectable nonetheless.

Opening the event was Spiritcircle from Sacramento CA., beginning at about 9pm. They are a five-piece with a dedicated lead singer. Their style could be described as complex progressive rock with Celtic overtones; switching between almost folky passages supporting a powerful vocal presence, and a spirited and driving progressive rock with a strong seventies component, right down to the analog keyboard sounds - Mellotron galore! As their set went on they became more diverse, that by their last song they were flirting with fusion and other elements. Needless to say, they were the big surprise of the night (the band at this point has no demo tape, so there was no radio promotion for them), and were very well received by the crowd.

Next up was Wayback Machine, the four-piece lineup consisting of Barry Cleveland on electric guitars and effects, Joe Vengoni on percussion (hand drums, cymbals, etc.), Capree on Chapman stick, and Carl Weingarten playing electric side guitar, e-bow, and effects. They played a set of material mostly written especially for this show, and intense floating wall-of-guitars sound, with most of the soloing provided by Weingarten's slide, delay, and pedal effects, punctuated by Vengoni's drums. The overall effect was very captivating and hypnotic. A couple of tunes from Weingarten's Acoustic Shadow album were also performed during the set, which lasted only about fifty minutes. Regrettably there was no microphone provided until their set was nearly over, so most of the announcements went unheard to all but those immediately in front of the stage.

Taking the stage at midnight to an already dwindling crowd, Melting Euphoria came on with their liquid light show, playing a solid hour and fifteen minute set of material from their two most recent albums. For this show they were a four-piece (reports say that sometimes they have a female "space whisper" vocalist that plays with them). The overall effect of their music is intensely psychedelic, bubbling synths and swirling phased guitars, with lights swirling clockwise, they counterclockwise to the primal beat of their music. One might have thought they were at a Pink Floyd concert circa 1969, a person in the crowd even requested "Interstellar Overdrive", but they launched into an instrumental "White Rabbit" instead, coupling it with the Dr. Who theme.

By the end of their set at 1:15am, only about thirty diehard trippers remained. Each of the four band members walked off the stage at different times - At the end only the bassist and keyboardist remained then finally the keyboardist alone for a five-minute gurgling
synth solo. End of text

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