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Press Release - Announcement

Djam Karet at The Boathouse

Enclosed is the official DJAM KARET PRESS RELEASE below. The band plays it's first ever live show in San Francisco at the BOATHOUSE next Saturday night, October 3, 1998 with New Sun as support. Tickets are $10 available at CD Warehouse in Sunnyvale/Newark or on TICKETWEB./ $12 at the door.
Jeff Melton, ECSP
The literal translation of the term, DJAM KARET (pronounced jam-ka-ray) is:
"Elastic time. The hour that stretches."

Established in the fall of 1984, DJAM KARET grew out of the ashes of several Los Angeles based bands with the desire to play purely improvisational music, regardless of its popularity or accessibility . Their original performances took place at various colleges and universities in the L.A. area and the music was a freeform mixture of guitar dominated instrumental rock and textural eastern drone music.

The fall of 1985 brought the release of No Commercial Potential, which documented the group's first year together. Totally improvised and recorded live in the studio with no overdubs, the one hour digitally mastered tape received underground distribution in the U.S. and England.

The band continued with live performances around the Southern California college circuit until the summer of 1986 when DJAM KARET began a "wood-shedding" period in order to develop conceptual themes and events that kept reoccurring during their improvisational performances. The bands' musical vocabulary grew during this period with the acquisition of keyboards, percussion, and a guitar synthesizer. Through this process of musical exploration and thematic conceptualization, the music which was to become "The Ritual Continues" was born.

Released in the fall of 1987, "The Ritual Continues" finally brought Djam Karet the recognition they deserve. They have received excellent reviews in such nationally distributed magazines as ROLLING STONE (twice), GUITAR PLAYER (twice), KEYBOARD (twice), BASS PLAYER, CD-REVIEW, ELECTRONIC MUSICIAN, MUSIC TECHNOLOGY, HOME AND STUDIO RECORDING, OPTION and many others in Europe and Japan. They have had international radio play and worldwide underground distribution in such countries as Australia, England, Sweden, Holland, France, Belgium, Switzerland, Canada, Mexico, Norway, Brazil, Germany, Greece, Italy, Spain, Yugoslavia, Romania, Hungary, and the former Soviet Union. The success of "The Ritual Continues" is a direct result of a body of music which accurately reflects the wide range of material that the band performs, while effectively portraying the balance between improvisational and structure which Djam Karet strives for.

Following another year of live performances - on stage and in radio station studios - Djam Karet entered the summer of 1988 by purchasing some recording equipment in order to begin using the elements of time and the studio as tools in their vocabulary. The band's previous releases were recorded Live without overdubs, but soon Djam Karet was reaching for an even deeper sound and a stronger collective group effort. With mail-order and distribution sales for "The Ritual Continues" surpassing the 4,000 mark, and realizing the limitations of the cassette only release, the band decided to put out it's next release on CD, LP and cassette. With recording and mixing sessions taking up the next nine months, Djam Karet's "Reflections From the Firepool" was released by the end of June 1989, almost two years since the debut of "The Ritual Continues". The beauty and mystery of the "Reflections From the Firepool" artwork and packaging suggest many of the images behind the band's all instrumental rock compositions.

With worldwide sales of 6,000 copies, many incredibly positive reviews and much encouragement from their fans, Djam Karet decided to release a two Compact Disc set (available individually) of all new music in September 1991. "Burning the Hard City" (an aggressive Progressive Hard Rock slammer), and it's companion release, "Suspension & Displacement" (#6 New Age album of 1991, Tower Records) represent their wide musical interests, and their drive towards expanding their sonic boundaries. Though the musical focus of each release is different, they are also complementary and together accurately illustrate Djam Karet's diverse stylistic forays.

Djam Karet also does film and television soundtracks, having written music for 6 TV series (including Hard Copy), as well as TV commercials, and Films (including The Search).

To commemorate their 10th anniversary together, Djam Karet released "Collaborator", an electronic CD featuring the talents of: Steve Roach, Marc Anderson, Jeff Greinke, Carl Weingarten, Kit Watkins, and others, creating moody dreamscapes for your mind. Swirling textures and tones converge, invoking images of desolate landscapes, past and future.

The most recent release, "The Devouring", represents a return to the ensemble rock format which is the hallmark of the band's beginnings. Fully utilizing their 24-track digital recording studio, the band painstakingly wrote, recorded, arranged and mixed 70+ minutes of powerful and beautiful music. This epic disc may be their best yet.

Merely reading about the group and it's music does not give it the justice it deserves, simply listen to the music and decide for yourself.


CONTACT: DJAM KARET/HC Productions PO BOX 1421, Topanga, CA. 90290 USA

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