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Spock's Beard at the Transmission Theater
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Spock's Beard delivers their Strange Brand of Kindness to San Francisco
Proving progressive rock is alive and kicking, critically acclaimed Spock's Beard will be showcasing tracks from their current Metal Blade release, The Kindness of Strangers at the Transmission Theater, 314 11th Street near Folsom, in San Francisco on October 2 at 9 p.m. Advance tickets are $15 available at BASS and Ticketweb.

Formed in Los Angeles back in 1992, the band has built a growing following with their unique blend of styles contained within their first two releases, The Light and Beware of Darkness. While generally labeled a "progressive rock" group, Spock's Beard differs from bands like Yes and Emerson Lake and Palmer in that their songs feature strong, melodic, Beatle-esque vocals and lack the genre's sometimes meandering soloing. Their music also has a much harder edge to it, closer to what might be considered "stadium rock."

What Spock's Beard does have in common with the progressive rock field is the sometimes-complex, yet always-commercially appealing arrangements of their songs and the band's stellar musicianship, keeping them in-demand for concert and session work with other artists during Spock's downtime.

Consummate and seasoned professionals, individually the members of Spock's Beard have toured or recorded with some of the biggest names in the music world: Drummer Nick D'Virgilio is one of the more high-profile members, having played on half of the tracks on the latest Genesis album Calling All Stations. He also recently did some work for both Peter Gabriel's current project and the upcoming Tears For Fears release and has toured with singer Jonatha Brooke and the late Kevin Gilbert. Keyboardist Ryo Okumoto brings his Hammond organ and mellotron to the band after stints with Eric Clapton and Phil Collins. Bassist Dave Meros joined the band after working with Eric Burdon and Gary Myrick. Vocalist/keyboardist and chief songwriter Neal Morse frequently tours with Eric Burdon during off-time from Spock, and brother Alan Morse rounds out the band on guitar, cello and mellotron.

The Kindness of Strangers has become a favorite among critics, who embraced the band's previous 1997 release, Beware of Darkness. Dan Barrett of Keyboard magazine picked it as one of the top five records of the year, writing "A successful, well-executed crossover between heavy metal, progressive and stadium rock." Nick Shilton of Frontiers magazine called it "the Progressive album of the decade." The European Classic Rock Society named Spock's Beard the Best New Band of 1996 and Best Overseas Band in 1997.

The band has their fans among their peers as well. Mike Portnoy, respected drummer with Dream Theater said in a recent interview, "I heavily recommend them. Spock's Beard are really great songwriters with melodic vocals and they are able to write great music while still capturing great musicianship."

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