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Press Release - Update 2


FREMONT, CA (May 5th, 1998)--ECSP confirmed today the successful start of the PRESENT tour in Maryland over the weekend. A Cuneiform Records representative forwarded on the following info:
"... Saw the DC/Wheaton MD show: Amazing.... Astounding...... the Trigauxs' transcendent guitars and voices and Kerman's astounding drumming...... let's just say you guys booked one hell of a show and we've got one hell of a band on our label.... I am pleased as peaches. Got phone calls in the office the day after Richmond -- overwhelmingly positive feedback. There were some people in the audience who had never heard the music before and became instant converts... I would love to continue to get more newbies into their shows..."

Ticket Sales: Again, The concert is general admission, with tickets available for ONLY $8. Advance tickets are on sale on TicketWeb , and both CD Warehouses in Sunnyvale and Newark. I also have a limited number for sale (510)-796-5186.
Venue Info: The Full Moon Saloon is located at 129 South B Street, San Mateo, CA (one mile west of Hwy. 101 off 3rd). Phone number for the venue is 650-340-8182. Check out their website for complete directions and venue info: Full Moon Saloon . Opening band info: SPIRITS BURNING VS. SPACESHIP EYES

Spaceship Eyes is Don Falcone's vehicle for exploring ambient, space, drum 'n bass, and electronica. The new darker Spaceship Eyes CD, TRUTH IN THE EYES OF A SPACESHIP, is scheduled for release in May 1998 on Hypnotic Records. Guests include Harvey Bainbridge (ex-Hawkwind) and Astralwerks artists, FreakChakra. This release follows last year's KAMAPURA described as "Hawkwind and TD, but then add the experimental and tribal edge of Can". Progression magazine called the release "a sophisticated album for all space/ambient/psych freaks." Spirits Burning is a progressive space rock band -- featuring John Pluth (guitar) and Carol Pluth (bass) -- that investigates some of the ideas Falcone developed while producing Gary Parra's TRAP CD as well as playing keys and reading poetry with the original lineup of Melting Euphoria. SB is currently recording a full length CD, after completing RETURN OF THE GIANT HOGWEED for an upcoming Genesis tribute on the Purple Pyramid label. The band also covered RED on the recent King Crimson tribute, SCHIZOID DIMENSION.

Jeff Melton, ECSP 510-796-5186
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