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ECSP #11

Cloud Chamber
@ The Club Kaos
in Fremont, CA

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Maximum Indifference
Cloud Chamber
Michael Manring
Joe Venegoni
Michael Masley

ECSP #11 Poster
Maximum Indifference album cover

Concert Reviews and Commentary:

The two band lineup for October featured a combination of two extremes in style: one complex instrumental rock and the other purely improvisational. The opener, Cloud Chamber, was a unique mix of esoteric influences based on virtuoso players interacting on an ever changing sound base.
Sound checks were running late and even those were interesting solo bits of performance, drawing applause! Barry Cleveland's angular guitar threaded with the presence of Michael Manring's somber bass pulses and Dan Reiter's inching cutup cello stabs. Mike Grimes commented on the two long sound collages as being much in the vein of King Crimson's 'The Mincer', or 'We'll Let You Know' from 'Starless and Bible Black'. They were easily the most talented musicians to appear in this series all year.
Cloud Chamber photo
Cloud Chamber
Maximum Indifference is another band to watch out for. This was the instrumental trio's second time playing the series (having previously opened for Spock's Beard back in May), though they gig around quite regularly, and with each performance, their Rush influences become a little more removed, while a strong new sense of identity seems to be seeding itself. Gustaf Fjeldstrom's prowess on lead bass is both powerful and subtle as he directed the group through the ninety minute set with a number of new pieces slated for their upcoming second album. Attendance, though less than anticipated was highly receptive of both bands. End of text

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